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Stellar Luminous Ultrasonic Facial Lift Scrub 5 in 1

Stellar Luminous Ultrasonic Facial Lift Scrub 5 in 1

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Cleansing Purifying Regenerating skin thanks to technology

Cleanser - Exfoliating - Unclogging - Optimizes hydration and nutrition - Lifting - Firms - Smooths - tones - Regenerates

Institute treatments are now available for use at home! They call on the body's natural ability to regenerate by reactivating and stimulating natural processes. Care combining 4 high technologies

Stellar revolutionizes skin care, from cleansing, purification to facial lifting to skin regeneration.It enhances the skincare routine, its ability to optimize the performance of skincare products multiplying their effectiveness. It facilitates the hydration and nourishment of the epidermis in depth, lightens your skin of greasy residues, frees the pores from excess sebum, blackheads and impurities,

Be more serene thanks to a more Beautiful & Healthy skin day by day !



Incorporate it into your morning and/or nighttime ritual after applying your skincare oils and creams. Or after your make-up removal, cleansing at the end of the day.
Use it for 5-10 minutes every day to help you improve the quality of your skin, alleviate various skin problems such as enlarged pores, rough skin, excessive sebum secretion, acne, wrinkles etc..

How to proceed?
Press and hold the last silver button at the bottom to turn the machine on.
The 1st silver button controls the lighting, turning blue or red light on or off;
✨ 1. As a skin care perfector and skin enhancer ✨
• Cleanse your face with warm water / or perform a steam bath using a facial sauna, a bowl of boiling water steam - in order to open the pores.
• Apply your skincare products (oil, cream, etc.)
• Activate the 1st ion+ mode or the 3rd EMS mode to lift
• Use the right side of the spatula - flat part, slightly curved upwards device by sliding it over the skin from the inside out.
• Target the areas of folds and wrinkles to be treated and leave it on the area for a few seconds, then target another area.

✨ 2. As a purifier ✨
• Cleanse your face with warm water / or perform a steam bath using a facial sauna, a bowl of boiling water steam - in order to open the pores.
• Activate the 2nd ion mode - to remove excess makeup, cream, oil, pollution...
• Activate the 4th mode "Normal" ions - to unclog pores & deeply cleanse your skin. Or activate the 5th more powerful "Strong" mode.
• Use the reverse side of the spatula - the part curved downwards from the wrong side of the appliance.
• Target an area to be treated, with one hand holding your skin taut between your 2 fingers.
• With the other hand, use the appliance by pressing and scraping the skin from the inside out. In order to collect sebum.
For the cleansing to be effective, it is necessary to insist by pressing on the area to be treated, to stay for a few seconds until you see the sebum coming out of the pores and clumping on the spatula.
(do not stay in the same area for too long)




1 x Ultrasonic scrub for facial skin

1 x protective silicone tip

1 x USB charging cable

1 x English user manual

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