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Face Cream

Reboost Balm - 100ml

Reboost Balm - 100ml

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A water-free, whipped formula consisting only of the most potent ingredients to calm, soothe and deliver incredibly soft skin. 
The balm can be used as a final step in your daily skin care routine, alone or in combination with Renewal Serum or any other oil from Loelle’s assortment. 


-Calm, soothe and soften the skin

-Deeply nourish and hydrate the skin

-Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

-Smooth and improve skin texture

-Stimulate collagen production

-Support healthy skin renewal

-Help heal damaged skin

-Improve overall skin state and look



All skin types, especially dry, itchy, cracked skin

Recyclable PET plastic, 100 ml


Organic raw, unrefined shea butter; organic, cold-pressed, deodorized sunflower oil, argan oil, Acmella extract (Spilanthes acmella), Arnica extract, Marigold extract, natural vanilla scent


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