How It Works

Puzzle is a community where shoppers join forces to unlock exclusive deals!

Step 1

Find Products.

Browse our selection of beauty products with exclusive prices, available only on Puzzle.


Step 2

Join Group

• Create an account and start a new group.

• After setting up the group, share the unique link via social media or email.


Step 3

Invite Friends

• Encourage friends and family to join the group purchase.

• You can also join our beauty community and find your new savings squad! 🌟 Connect, create groups, and share the journey of discovering incredible deals on your favorite skincare, hair, and makeup products.


Step 4


• When the group is formed, the order will be finalized and your product shipped to you.

• If the group does not reach the required number of participants, all payments will be automatically refunded.


Your Group

You can check the status of your group in your Account. If a group is not formed because there are not enough members, we will simply send you a refund. Feel free to contact us at or via our contact form below.

  • Community

    We're convinced that the key to a thriving economy lies in teamwork. It's all about connecting, sharing, and inspiring together - and we're here to make it happen

  • Quality

    We partner directly with your favorite brands in order to bring you medium - premium items without the premium price tag.

  • Trust

    Our mission is to empower you to forge authentic bonds and cultivate a community where you can truly rely on the experiences of one another.