About Puzzle

Founded in Copenhagen in Summer 2023, Puzzle is a new, social commerce platform with the mission to make the economy more collaborative.

Our Vision

We want consumers to have a better chance to count in a big economy, and for good brands to get direct access to customers, without giving away too much of their profit.

  • Community

    We believe the economy should be based on collaboration. By enabling consumers to buy together as a small community, we unlock better prices by offering bulk purchases to brands.

  • Quality

    We focus on medium - premium items and on good quality.

    Our goal is to provide consumers with best quality products on the market, at best prices by partnering with brands

  • Trust

    We enable consumers to trust each other when making purchases and evaluating new products. We believe people should discover new products from each other.

  • Ranveig

    Ranveig has a background in B2B sales, working accross several domains between fintech and SaaS .


    You can find her on the water in a sailboat, or underwater with a Scuba tank.

  • Marco

    Originally Italian, started his career in Munich as an investor in early stage vc funds before co-founding Puzzle. 

    He is a passionate foodie with an international mindset and an entrepreneurial spark. 

  • Antler

    Antler is a global venture capital firm that builds and invests in the defining technology companies of tomorrow.

  • Michael j Wiatr

    Entrepreneur, investor and leader who is innovative, analytical and hardworking. Enthusiastic about supporting great founders.