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Sell With Puzzle

We are here to make you sell in bulk directly to consumer, increasing not only your volumes, but also your margins per item sold.

  • 1) Increase Margins

    By enabling you to sell directly in bulk to consumers at a discount, you will be able to drastically cut intermediation costs and keep a higher share of the final price.

  • 2) Acquire New Customers

    As consumers buy in group and refer each other to your products, you will be able to acquire new customers at a fraction of the cost you normally pay for ads.

  • 3) More Volumes, Less Inventory

    Puzzle is your opportunity to increase your volumes and rapidly decrease your inventory & overstock. We are here to support your brand also for seasonal items.

Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

We offer different ways for you to adopt group buying, at the same exact terms, for you to choose what best suits your brand. See more Below.

the easiest

The Marketplace

Sell your products directly in our marketplace, letting new customers discover your products. You will receive the orders automatically as in dropshipping.

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The powerful - coming soon

Group Buying Button

We offer the option to add a "Group Buying" button to users directly from your own channels (e.g. in the checkout page) and let them form groups to buy in bulk.

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